Last Comic Standing

I have been checking for the 2 minute replay from Thursday night, but there still isn’t one.

Esther Ku

Esther Ku

Esther Ku thought she was funnier than Iliza Schlesinger and God’s Pottery.  2 acts were eliminated in the comic standoff:  Esther Ku & God’s Pottery.  Guess she wasn’t funnier.  She packed up her pink foofy crap and her annoying laugh and went home.



Gods Pottery

God's Pottery

God’s Pottery or Team Christ as they affectionately call themselves, received no help from the big guy upstairs.  They were headed home on the first bus to Brooklyn, hopefully never to be seen or heard from again.



Iliza Schlesinger

Iliza Schlesinger

Iliza Schlesinger easily won the battle with 68% of the vote, although I think she really wasn’t too funny herself.  Anyone’s pet goldfish could have won this one.  Iliza is still in contention for Last Comic Standing, but I don’t think she will be around too much longer either.
 does have more videos posted of past weeks performances, but not from Thursday night’s performances.  I will try and get them posted before Thursday.

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