America’s Got Talent – Top Ten Finalists


Neal E. Boyd, 32, is an insurance salesman hailing from Sikeston, Mo. He discovered opera music in his senior year of high school, when his brother was forced to do a school project involving the Three Tenors. His brother had little appreciation for the music, but Neal was so enamored by the passion and skill of the famous trio that he started practicing how to sing in Pavarotti’s Italian style. A creative seed was planted, and Neal went on to study speech communications and music at Southeast Missouri State University, and the University of Missouri’s Columbia branch – graduating from both in 2001. He later went to the New England Conservatory in Boston to study opera, which led to a lead role in the World Premier Opera. With “America’s Got Talent,” Neal hopes to finally realize his dream of becoming an international opera star, and inspiring the younger generations the way he was inspired.

You Can See Neal E Boyd’s latest performance HERE

Donald Braswell, born and raised in a quiet country town in south Texas has been singing and performing in local theatres since he was seven years old. Braswell went on to study at the renowned Julliard in New York City and later took on leading singing roles at theatres across the United States and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately in 1995, while bicycling to a performance in the United Kingdom, Braswell was hit by a car and suffered severe damage to the soft tissue in his throat. Doctors told him he might never be able to speak, let alone sing, again but he has spent the past several years meticulously working to regain the normal use of his voice. Now, defying the odds once more, Braswell has been voted back by America as the Wildcard for a second chance to complete a lifelong dream.

See Donald Braswell’s latest performance HERE

Joseph Hall, 23, is an uncanny Elvis Presley impersonator hailing from Lincoln, Neb. Hall discovered his ability and passion for impersonating the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” when he and his father traveled to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday. When he returned home, while still working at his father’s restaurant, he began to practice in his parent’s basement, reading and watching everything he could about his new idol. He soon got his first booking, followed by a few others, and soon he found himself busy traveling. While on the road in Kentucky, he received the call that every expectant father dreads: his son was coming three weeks early! Luckily he was able to rush home in time for the birth of his first child. This is the biggest gamble of his life and by making it to the finale Joseph realizes this could set the foundation for his future and that of his family. He wants to teach his son that dreams are possible and even the biggest can be reached.

See Joseph Hall’s Latest Performance HERE

Michigan born and Ashburn, Virginia-raised Kaitlyn Maher is an adorable four-year-old girl whose ability to sing at such a young age is both inspiring and unbelievable. She is the older sister to baby Ethan and the daughter of Reuben and Alison Maher. As a cautious new mother, Alison was worried that her baby wasn’t sleeping enough, because she would hear Kailtyn singing to herself in her crib. Alison called the doctor concerned, but she was reassured that it is much better to hear a baby singing than crying. And thus Kailtyn’s remarkable talent was discovered. Some of her favorite songs are Christmas carols, church songs, familiar patriotic songs, as well as songs by Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Paul Kordon. Maher has two primary goals in this competition: to have fun and she wants to see the confetti come down at the finale!

See Kaitlyn Maher’s latest performance HERE

Eli Mattson, 26, is a pianist and singer born in Duluth, Minn., and raised in Wisconsin, who started playing the piano at age five. He began performing towards the end of high school at age 17, by playing in local coffee shops and writing his own music. At 21, he left his hometown on a greyhound bus with the other members of a country band and set out to tour every small town doing what he loved to do most – singing and playing piano. After becoming far too familiar with the greyhound bus schedule, Eli ended up settling in Chicago where he lived and worked as a singer/piano player for the better part of three years. If Mattson were to win this competition, he would finally be able to take care of his family and repay all the close friends who have supported him and his music along the way.

See Eli Mattson’s latest performance HERE

Damien, 21, and Tourie, 23, Escobar are Nuttin But Stringz from Jamaica Queens, N.Y., whose classical violin training infused with the rhythms of New York City produce a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. They have been playing the violin for over 15 years, starting at the tender ages of seven and eight in a mandatory school program. Showing raw talent, they went on to study at the Juilliard and Bloomingdale schools of music in New York City where they learned classical methods. They credit their passion for music, along with the support of their mom and aunt as their ticket out of the rough streets of Jamaica, Queens. Their goal is to inspire as many people as possible with their sound and to let the world know that it’s cool to play the violin! The greatest gift that Damien and Tourie have ever received is their mother. Their mother is a schoolteacher and raising the two of them by herself, while going to school, was no easy task. She always made sure that they were out of trouble and doing the right thing. Her dedication to keeping them focused has given them the inspiration to follow their dreams. Every success they have is because of her.

See Nuttin But Stringz’s latest performance HERE

Jessica Price, 24, is a young singer from Freeport, Mich., who grew up in a tight-knit musical family where her father was a minister at the local church and her mother stayed home to raise their 6 children. Jessica’s dreams of becoming a musician were put on hold when her family was disrupted when her father left. In order to help her mother take care of the family, Jessica began working on an assembly line at a factory. With her mom’s and siblings’ support, Jessica’s dream has now become their dream and something positive they can all get behind. Making it to the finale and winning “America’s Got Talent” would only prove to her that you should never give up on your dreams, because they can come true.

See Jessica Price’s latest performance HERE

Like many great soul singers, Queen Emily got her start singing as a little girl in church. And even though her talent was apparent to everyone who heard her sing, as she grew up, life got in the way of her dreams. Raising her daughters as a single mother meant Emily’s musical aspirations had to be put on hold. When she turned 40, Emily experienced an epiphany and realized that it was time to stop dreaming and start acting, which led her to the “America’s Got Talent” auditions. Queen Emily is a true testament to how far you can go if you work hard and never stop believing in your dreams. Like many of the singers she draws her inspiration from, Emily uses her rich and soulful voice to tell the story of her life’s trials and tribulations. With the support of her daughters, Queen Emily is ready to show America her love of music and her powerful voice.

See Queen Emily’s latest performance HERE

Paul Salos is a 70-year-old Frank Sinatra impersonator currently living in Dallas, Texas. He discovered his singing abilities as a young boy singing on a street corner in Hell’s Kitchen to attract customers for his shoe-shining job. In 1956, he joined the United States Air Force and the recruiting officer auditioned him to be a singer impressionist, which automatically placed him in the Special Services as an Entertainment Specialist. By the time his service with the Air Force came to an end, Paul knew exactly what he wanted to do in life. Over the past 40 years, he has been honing his “Tribute to Sinatra” performance and is ready to show the country what he’s got on “America’s Got Talent.”

See Paul Salos’ latest performance HERE

Sage, 12, along with younger brothers Baruch, 9, and Levi, 6, are the Wright Kids, a fun-loving bluegrass trio from Rocky Mount, Va. Starting from as young as three years old, the kids have learned to play a variety of acoustic instruments including the fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar and upright bass, all while singing and harmonizing to classic American bluegrass songs. When performing back home, one of their favorite venues is the local ice cream parlor, where they receive warm applause and compliments as well as free ice cream. The Wright Kids also perform at county fairs and bluegrass festivals. In 2006, Baruch won first place for his singing and playing at the Galax Old Fiddler’s Convention, the world’s oldest and largest fiddler’s convention. They would love to win “America’s Got Talent” and share their music with the nation.

See The Wright Kids’ latest performance HERE

2 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent – Top Ten Finalists

  1. Scarlett says:

    Donald Braswell finished in 4th place on AGT.
    Surprised he didn’t finish higher. Donald is the whole package for me – voice, looks, stage presence. I know he had a sold out show in Vegas in Feb. and a special on PBS in March. Apparently his career is going well. I think he is destined to play the Phantom – maybe in Vegas?? He’ a natural for the part.

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