The Top 18 Amish Horror Movies

18. Barnraiser

17. I Know What You Did With the Summer Sausage

16. Mennonite’s Mare by an Elm Tree

15. Natural Barn Killers

14. Rosemary’s Buggy

13. It Came from The Sharper Image

12. The Devil Wore Plaid

11. The Hand That Churns the Butter

10. Look Out! The Pictures Move!!

9. Riding in Cars with Anyone

8. The Day the Outsiders Found the Generator

7. The Shunning

6. The Bare Wrist Project (Oops! That’s an Amish *porn* movie.)

5. The Pennsylvania Handsaw Massacre

4. Planet of the Drapes

3. Holler “M” for Murder

2. Night of the Leavened Bread

and’s Number 1 Amish Horror Movie…

1. Invasion of the Bonnet Snatchers

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