About the Mad Blogger

I was born and raised in NY and when the American Dream got too expensive to live there, we moved to Virginia in October, 2004.  Wow, has it been that long already?…You can take the girl out of NY, but you can’t take NY out of the girl. I am now living in Florida as of February 2020. I am married with 3 kids and 2 dogs – a pug and a lab rescue.

I have always tried to find the humor in life and it’s there more often than you know!  That is why I would bunch together jokes and funny pix that were sent to me in emails, which I shared with family and friends back in 1999.  I then started receiving emails from people I didn’t know to asking me to add them to my email list.  In September of 1999, I added the title ‘Just Humor Me’ and my joke list was born.  The list ran on Topica, running it simultaneously on eGroups (now Yahoo.)  May of 2008, I moved it completely to YahooGroups and then shortly after that, the Just Humor Me blog was launched.

I ran the blog until 2009. I either had other things to do, got bored, wanted to take it in a new direction, or lazy.. any or all of those will do. In 2011 and 2013, I made lame attempts to jump start the blog again with 2 posts. Here it is, 2019, and I got the itch to start running one again, but much of the content on JHM has disappeared over the years. I cleaned it up by getting rid of some dead posts and gave it a new look, keeping the humor of course, but adding maybe a little naughty flavor to it. Fast forward to 2020 and gonna make another go of it.

Some of my interests are, but not limited to staying out of debt, stopping the kids from fighting, as well as, stopping the dogs from fighting, dodging the bullet, jumping on the bandwagon, walking a fine line, trying to stay above water, putting the pieces together, jumping to conclusions, watching the shit hit the fan, running around in circles, facing the music, covering my ass, looking thru rose-colored glasses, finding a common ground, dishing the dirt and driving miles to get to a store.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and feedback will always be appreciated…unless you’re an asshole, then it won’t be appreciated much.

10 thoughts on “About the Mad Blogger

  1. I’m just going down my blog roll today and encouraging everyone on it. I love your blog. I read it because it makes me laugh out loud. I think it’s important to laugh everyday…. I don’t where you find your photos, but keep finding them, please! It helps me get through my day.

  2. I am not sure how I came to this site, but I love your content. I would like to include a link on my blogroll. If you would not mind, could you let me know if it is with your approval. Thanks! NavyTim

  3. So glad to find another light hearted and humorous blog about everyday life that people can relate to! I’m just starting out my blog, only have two posts so far but I would love it if you would take a look and let me know what you think!


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